Foley Catheter Management System

While the use of indwelling urinary catheters is thought to be the most significant risk factor for developing a facility-acquired urinary tract infection, clinicians often pay little attention to the insertion decision, its optimal management and its timely removal. Supporting data suggests that many physicians are commonly unaware their patients have an indwelling urinary catheter. Even though clinicians do their best to practice good hygiene techniques, infections still happen.


Medline Intermittent Catheters

  • Closed System Design – Special design reduces mess, eases disposal and reduces contamination risk by allowing a touch-free catheterization.

  • Pre-lubricated – The 14Fr catheter and introducer are coated with a water soluble lubricant for ease of insertion.

  • Catheter Guide – The guide allows for simple, protected control of catheter during insertion.

  • 15 00ml Collection Bag – The urine collection bag eliminates the need for a separate container, reducing the chance of spillage.


Medline Male External Catheters

  • Wide Band® allows for maximum security, maximum comfort with nonsensitizing adhesive on nearly the entire sheath wall, helping prevent
    urine migration and build-up.
  • UltraFlex® has built-in adhesive band for patient comfort and easy application.

Medline Urinary Collection Device

The Belly Bag Is a Collection Bag Worn at the Abdomen for Improved Mobility and Quality of Life This revolutionary latex-free urinary collection bag alleviates many of the inconveniences, problems and possible hazards of conventional drainage systems. The Belly Bag is designed for men or women who have an indwelling Foley or suprapubic catheter. The 1,000 cc capacity bag fastens comfortably around the waist and can be easily worn 24 hours a day. Its anti-reflux valve behind the catheter port prevents reflux urine flow. The drain valve is placed at the normal urethral position for easy, more conventional emptying. 10 per case.


Medline Urinary Drainage Bags

  • Reinforced hanger with built-in anti-kink drain tube guide
  • 50" of 11/32" STAR tubing facilitates drainage of thick, fibrous urine while resisting kinking
  • Needleless sample port
  • Adjustable bed sheet clamp
  • secures tubing
  • 2000ml capacity