Torbot Atlantic Black Rubber Pouch

A customized one-piece synthetic rubber reusable pouching system. 3" Moderate Convexity. Pouch size 5 3/4"x12 1/2". Right or left outlet. Specify opening size.

Torbot Atlantic Pouch w/Flat Faceplate

TORBOT Atlantic is a customized one-piece synthetic rubber reusable pouching system. Atlantic Pouch with a flat faceplate is ideal for smooth surfaces where the stoma protrudes at least 5/8". Black rubber. Specify pouch size, opening size and right or left outlet.

Gricks POD'S-Post Operative Disposable Urostomy Pouches

Prevents early skin damage.  Bedside hoses available for collections over extended periods.  Easily adjust opening size with standard ostomy scissors. Pouch Size 3"x6x8", Opening Size 1", 2/pkg.