Nu-Hope Adhesive

  • A stronger bond will give longer wearing time.
  • Excellent additional aid for problem situations such as oily skin, perspiration problems, scar lines, skin wrinkles, poorly located stomas.
  • Has the ability to repel effluent without having to remove adhesive or to start over.
  • Protects skin from urine if opening in pouch is larger than actual stoma size.
  • When applied thinly, adhesive will dry to a tacky surface in a few minutes and will be durable and safe.
  • Clean with soap and water.

Nu-Hope Pouch Covers

  • Nu-Comfort™ Pouch Covers cushion your pouch in a well-fitted cotton/poly cover that gently buffers the body from prespiration, chafing and allergy.  The wide open bottom offers easy acces to drainage.
  • Beige-tone Nu-Comfort™ Cover conceals pouch ripples and wrinkles, even a whisper of sound.
  • Nu-Comfort™ Covers are pre-shrunk and machine washable.
  • Using a special blend of quality cotton and polyester, Nu-Comfort™ Covers are precisely stitched.  The pre-cut circular opening can be enlarged simply by cutting up to the outer blue-lined stitching. These new covers are tender but tough.

Nu-Form™ Support Belt

The Nu-Form™ Support Belt is a comfortable binder which allows the elastic to form around bulges and other body shapes more naturally!

Nu-Form™ belt rings are sturdy and will not lose their shape.  All this adds to the comfort of wearing a support belt!